Hey... Putting DNO (do not own) isn't an acceptable way to source art that you post, and by doing so, you're not giving actual credit to the person who created that piece of art, and that's pretty rude and unfair. Sourcing art is ridiculously easy; you can just google how to do it and you'll find tons of quick methods to do it simply. I suggest you start doing it, because it' honestly really scummy art theft to post someone else's work without their permission nor giving them credit.


Ohhh good god. I’m about sick of you people. If you would take 5 minutes to look at the post you would see a link of where it came from. Seriously stfu, and let me post what I want. Anyone with half a fucking brain could see that I didn’t creat it. It’s people like you who are ruining this site. Half the shit on here is “stolen” I have posted this time and time again that I post things on here not expecting credit for it. It’s art, and it is meant to be shared. I’m not fucking vangoh or mone. So please take your opinions of my blog somewhere else. There is an unfollow button as well as a block button. You are the lowest of fucking low. It’s a fucking re blogging site. And to re iterate just incase you couldn’t comprehend before. If you take your eyes and direct them to the post. It’s clearly says it comes from we heart it. So there for I am citing where the picture came from. So please think about what you say before you say it. I’m not taking credit for any of it. Thanks and have a nice fucking day.